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The Holocaust Industry - Norman G. Finkelstein

Reflections on the exploitation of the suffering of the Jews - a review

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      During the Nazi regime in Germany, about 6 million Jews were killed, many after long period of work as slaves and being used as guinea pigs in medical and surgical mad experiments. In the same period 20 million communists were killed, and between 1.5 and 3 million gypsies, physically or mentally disabled and homosexuals. In all, only the Jews, through organizations created for this purpose to date extort funds by way of "compensation" and Norman Finkelstein says, almost none of the extorted billions of Euros from banks and governments of the German and Swiss current reaches the real victims of the Shoah, the Holocaust, as the Jews call. It is estimated that fewer than 1,000 survivors were rescued mainly by the Red Army, but also by other Western powers.

      Among the Jews there are some minor disagreements, such as the enthusiasts of the movement created at the turn of the nineteenth century to the twentieth century, called "Zionism" that claims to the Jews - "the chosen people of Yahweh" - the stretch of land comprising the Fertile Crescent: from the River Nile to the Tiger and Euphrates.




The Holocaust Industry, their aims, the support it receives and extortion to victims that never see any money ...

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In the years following the end of World War II the theme of "holocaust" was not included in the media and several American Jewish leaders applauded the idea of ​​rearming a Germany bearing still vestiges of Nazism in the face of "communist enemy” at the beginning of the “cold war”. From the 70th decade of the twentieth century the issue gained prominence with major Jewish organizations self-proclaimed "representatives of the victims of the holocaust" began to attack banks and German and Swiss governments.

Finkelstein has chosen a lowercase spelling (holocaust) with the concrete fact, and unfortunately been denied the extermination of Jews by the Nazis. And spelling with a capital letter (Holocaust) to refer to the real industry set to earn resources to powerful institutions whose main purpose is to advertise as massive as untrue about holocaust survivors. One example cited by the author after a long and exhaustive research, concerns the number of survivors, which was about a thousand in 1945 and now stands at more than one million. His mother, an Auschwitz survivor, asks, "if so many survived, whom the Nazis killed?"

In this sense, the Holocaust Industry collaborates enthusiastically with the neo-Nazis who deny the Holocaust …

The reason for this inflation of the surviving victims is primarily to expand the capital raised from the competent authorities of Germany and Switzerland today, mostly.

The main vultures are appointed by the Author are: Elie Wiesel Foundation, the Zionist Organization of America, the American Jewish Committee, the World Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League and other organizations with similar goals and passed, with the full support and unconditional U.S. government to lift smear campaigns against Switzerland and extort banks and governments a billionaire amount by way of "compensation" to the survivors (overwhelmingly growing!) that were already old and needed these claims with the utmost urgency.

For humanitarian reasons the German government agreed to cede a prodigious amount to meet those victims at emergency and desperate situation. Jewish organizations, in possession of that amount, decided that resources should be employed in “education”, an euphemism to PROPAGANDA, victimized Jews, quickly were transformed into saints martyrs untouchable, making all the criticism (especially those really important and valid) in "attack on the poor victims of the Holocaust."

With this, the second largest military power in the world (Israel) and the community more successful among the North American gained the status of "victims" and untouchable to any criticism. The daily massacre perpetrated by the Jews on the Palestinian people, who live in that land for at least 1,500 years is treated as "an act of defense." The expansion of living space (Lebensraum) of the Jews in Palestine, with summaries demolitions and confiscation of property, the occupation of Palestinian territories – can be compared to a giant prison; in a prison, most of the spaces (bedroom, dining, recreation areas, hospitals ...) is occupied by prisoners, but who has control are the armed guards, and likewise, all the passageways of the Palestinians are tightly controlled by the Jewish. Settlements in areas that are internationally recognized as Palestinian and the denial to the Palestinians the right to self-determination, a seat at the UN or even their own government. Just like the Bantustans of South Africa from ages past, the Palestinians are human beings without a country…

Anyway, the holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis (be overemphasized that constitute the second largest group of people massacred by the Nazis, the Communists being the first - 20 million dead) does not justify the holocaust of the Palestinians by the Jews. And criticizing the Jews for their evil deeds - The violation of decisions of the United Nations and villainy against the Palestinians - is NOT synonymous with anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism. The Jews, like any people on this planet, ARE NOT ABOVE CRITICISM!

Assertions like that left Norman Finkelstein unemployed and there are now banners and posters outside his house asking him to be banned from the U.S. as their entry into Israel is strictly REVOKED.

Usually, this is the fate of the Defenders of the Truth. Cicero said the platform itself lived vicissent Thurs vicerunt death - "how the world would be successful in life than those who won after death." It's been like around the world in all ages: Jesus of Nazareth (if he even existed) to Tiradentes in Brazil ...


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