Organized crime takes control of Brazil

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1. Formation of the Gang


Bankers, speculators, players of the stock exchange and similar parasites, after amassing a fantastic wealth of resources, have decided to defend their interests and further increase their profits. To accomplish this, they have organized themselves.


To them, as Noam Chomsky pointed out in his excellent “Manufacturing Consent,” it makes no difference whether the regim is liberal, authoritarian, social democrat or allegedly “socialist.” The only thing that matters to them is to maintain and extend their profit, paid for by the work of other people.


In the case of Brazil, after the monumental fiasco of the military dictatorship; a fiasco that was mainly financial, because the military, in general, tend to be nationalistic and to take care of their own people, despite all the other disasters they caused, the real cause of  their expulsion from power was brought about because they failed to facilitate the fulfillment of the wishes of the wealthy speculators.


After that, with the connivance of the usual venal intellectuals and economists, a majority came to the conclusion that a ‘guided adjustment’ of Brazilian politics, from point of view of the banks, could be accomplished by electoral means, means that evidently have absolutely nothing to do with democracy, but are the opposite, as is strikingly affirmed by the gang’s propaganda.


Understandably, the above-mentioned syndicate began to sponsor the electoral campaigns of its potential allies, many of them bankers themselves or owners of mass media.


Once elected, members of the House of Representatives and Senate vote for laws in defense of the financial elite who bring them to power, laws opposing the legitimate interests of the working people of Brazil.  Of course, their spokesmen always take care to assert the opposite every time they talk to the mass media or in their meaningless speeches…


The president of the republic is no more than a puppet, a clown who provides suitable public relations, strongly affirming in public the opposite of what was conveyed to him  privately. He is no more then a puppet defending the interests of the bankers and speculators (‘shareholders’) when he makes speeches to the common people.  He keeps them under control with lies so well-constructed that they would leave Joseph Goebels red with shame and ready to go back to school.


There is an expression that has become quite fashionable, and is very widely used despite its awkwardness, and which fits perfectly here: "nuncaantesnestepaíz", that is to say,

“Never before in this country,” has a cruller attained such great popularity by governing for the bankers, against the people of Brazil, while having such great success in making people believe exactly the opposite.


Those that were left in need, as was actually necessary for the type of government that existed in the first term, must now abandon their struggle for jobs, wages and dignity. They are consoled with stock market alms that the government grants to the desperate with the consent of the bankers, the real rulers of this poor country.


2. Organizing Crime


Brazilian law formerly had many benign loopholes that allowed a humanist judge — it is difficult to find one, but there are still some — to interpret laws in favor of the oppressed and against the oppressor. Thus, it became not only crucial to the gang to modify existing laws to prevent this type of occurrence, but to control judiciary  ‘authority’ so that judges learned once and for all in whose favor they must rule.


Obeying the dictation of the bankers and stock speculators like trained dogs, responding to the gang in command of organized crime, the details in labor law that benefited the worker, however remotely, were subjected to so-called “reforms.”  The proper expression, "reform," which long ago meant something like a gradual change of capitalism in the direction of a more just society—a delirium of social democrats—underwent a transformation and today, when the word “reform” is used, everyone knows that more disasters will fall on the workers.


Most of the “reforms” suppressing the rights of workers as defined in labor laws, now allowing the bankers and stock speculators more control over the people who generate the wealth of this nation, are provided by the faction that occupies the presidential palace, and are signed to ensure support by the bankers for their puppet, the one who sits in the presidential chair and presents such ‘reforms’ to the venal parliamentarians who, in turn, for a good price, sell their consciences and declare these disagreeable initiatives as their own.


It is this puppet of the bankers who occupies the presidential palace, and who allegedly nominates judges, who is regarded as “trustworthy” by the gang that really dominates the nation.


In this way, interpretation of the law is completely under the control of the banks and their representatives. That means even more profits can flow to those who are already extremely rich, and more losses suffered by those who create the wealth, those who work and who have been deprived of the modest legal protection they once had.


My deceased father used to tell me that the people who pay an employee also can say what the employee must do. Does the powerless judiciary in Brazil have any independent authority over taxation?  Does the legislature, essentially powerless, have any such authority?  Which is the only one authority able to impose taxes and therefore the only one to have financial power?  The Executive.  The Executive Power pays the Judiciary (without) Power and the Legislative (without) Power and they, clearly, follow the orders passed to them by the puppet of the superior Economic Power that truly rules “estepaíz,”  this country.


Organized around a single powerful group, their crime reaches the height of sophistication, while other nominal ‘powers’ are relegated to a secondary role. They can make speeches, of course, since it is actually useful to promote the illusion of democracy in speeches that apparently oppose the truly dominant power. Paradoxically, such public relations efforts bring even greater popularity to anti-democratic measures taken by the government.


Naturally, such speeches are allowed with the clear understanding that at the end of the day, the speechmakers will support and maintain without change the structure created by the leaders of this organized crime.



3. Different Forms of Crime


The organized crime that dominates Brazil today writes the laws and controls the judges.

The criminal faction known as BACEN, the Brazilian equivalent of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, operates at the highest governmental levels, representing the economic interests that dominate this country.  BACEN determines all tax assessment and controls all national finances. As dealers in the slum quarters grant crumbs to villains to obtain their support, BACEN controls villains through bribery and a propaganda program so sophisticated that our people are lulled into a terrible apathy: As has been said above, they have even given up their struggle for their legitimate rights to life, hapiness and the respect deserved by those who labor. When a criminal faction controls power, it corrupts the entire Nation.


The BACEN faction has the duty of maintaining the highest taxation in the world to protect the interests and the profitability of the companies they represent. Although their aim is to prevent the growth of the economy, announcing this would make the dishonesty of their public predictions obvious, and that is why their real calculations are not used to make their predictions and promises. Any economic growth of Brazil above that preached by venal economists would be potentially dangerous to the astronomical profitability of bankers and similar parasites.


The responsibility of the presidential palace is to make speeches, to carry out public relations to conceal the economic direction adopted by BACEN, always taking the precaution to present it, if not as “the only possible alternative,” the one that will bring benefits to the Brazilian workers in the long term.  This is not really new in the Brazilian political scene. It consists of the same dubious claims in an updated version, tailored for the current speechmaker, of “Let the cake grow and divide it later among all of the people.” These were the words of the Minister of  Planning of General Geisel in 1974 and they are now offered by today’s president of the BNDE, Antonio Delfim Netto. The cake is growing a lot, indeed! But the division never takes place.


4. The Distance Between Speech and Practice


In 1789, Brazilians rebelled violently against the collection of an extortionary 20% in taxes that went entirely to the Portuguese Crown, bringing no benefit at all to the people of this developing nation. This is the time when the expression originated, nobody could bear to pay, “os quintos dos infernos.” – The fifth of Hells.


The world changes. Propaganda becomes more and more sophisticated. Today, even if we pay more than 40% (more than twice as much as those famous “quintos dos infernos”) of everything of we produce in taxes, and this brings nothing of benefit to the Brazilian people, they do not rebel against those two fifths of Hells! There is silent acceptance, apathy and the rare revolt, when it occurs, is directed against those who denounce the evil, not to those who practise it!


But where does the enormous amount of taxes that we pay go, after all? The BACEN faction controls the distribution of these finances, which it sends, mainly, to the speculators of the money markets, the true owners of power.


It is not accidental that all the presidents of BACEN are chosen from among the representatives of banks and major speculators. Yesterday, the representative was the courier of George Soros, a scum called Armínio Fraga. Today it is the gangster Henrique Meirelles, an employee of the Bank of Boston. If he happens to be replaced, it will be by another stooge of the same interests. The puppet that occupies the presidential palace will pretend to be the one who "proposes" or "nominates" the president of the BACEN. This is no more then propaganda, and doesn’t go beyond empty words.


This amount of taxation is dreadfully large, 40% of all national production. There is a surplus, however, which BACEN authorizes the government to distribute in the following way:


1) Governmental propaganda, to convey the idea that it is necessarily doing the opposite of what it actually practises, and to simplify the transfer of Brazilian resources to private  accounts in foreign banks.  This was clearly shown in the episode involving Luiz Gushiken, Marcos Valério, Delúbio Soares and Duda Mendonça, among other members of the gang.


2) Resources to be freely spent on ”corporative credit cards“ When it was disclosed to the public that the First Lady, D. Mariza Letícia, spent R$ 2,000 each day (about 14 times as much as the alms paid monthly to the lumpemproletariat), this matter became a "Subject of National Security," and nobody can now find out what the presidential palace does with the river of money flowing into it.


3) Resources to bribe directly parliamentary through montly basis transferences or some similar procedure, wich still active, still very common. This practice, however, is only secondary to the main form of bribe parliamentarians wich is mainly through nominations the public offices with high salaries, as says the government itself, "officially or unofficially", negotiations of ministries, etc. The only not negotiable position, therefore does not belong to the faction of presidential palace, but to the one of the bankers it is of president (or "minister-president"...) of BACEN faction.


We know almost nothing about the leftovers of all these hugely and eccentric expent resources, we only know that they are not destined - either for direct prohibition from the faction of the BACEN, either for pure and simple incompetence - to the improvement of the existencial conditions of our people.


Nothing is invested in schools or public hospitals, that are found in calamity state – not to mention our roads, ports and airports... This is an intentional politics, cleverly elaborated: instead of improving public schools, the resources are turned aside to the private iniciative in an obscene program called “PROUNI": the government paid a lot of money to private entities of education, those of lowest level of all, and they reserve some vacancy to the worse and less competitive courses to some villains, extending the distribution of income of the group of the banks and politicians, also to the owners of schools. The public hospitals are abandoned to compel all the ones who can afford to submit to the extortionary plans of private health extending the gang to these ones too.


Most incredible still it is the situation of the civil and military police in general, their incomes are the same for more than 15 years - it had an intense propaganda of an "increase" of 1% that never it happened, only propaganda. As main defenders of the status quo implemented for and to the banks and all the similar slag that governs brazil in fact, results incredible the situation of the military today. When they leave using uniformes – wich has became more rare as times goes by, police fear the common or disorganized crime, who tryes to follow the example that comes from above – their uniforms are thorn in many places and their armament is visibly obsolete. The reduction of the working hours of the military in 50% to compensate the successive wage losses takes them to the marginal economy and it is not rare to see militaries having problems with the law. The same law that putted them this situation, by the way...


5. The disorganized crime


When it lacks resources for the education of the youth, when any perspectives of a worthy and honored life are taken off them, the disorganized crime is stimulated. We have live times where we yearned for the future generation a better life then ours. Today, the only certainty that we can give our children is that they will never have the same standard of living that we have. Middle classes – if there is still such a thing in Brazil – live the fall of their existencial standards and the poor persons are hurled in the hands of the disorganized criminals.


I make this teeny differentiation therefore the drog dealers, kidnappers and similars do not have the BACEN, the Presidential Palace, the Law or the Parliament at their side – they are led to the same condition of egotism and disillusion that exists in all capitalism.


On the other hand, the really organized crime, that one lead by BACEN, banks, presidential palace, Parliament and Judiciary are together as one. The example always comes from above and the drog dealers, kidnappers and othere alike try with desperation to follow it, but they will never have access to the same amount of resources that the true owners of the power have and throu to thin of corruption to purchase of legislators, economists and jurists in daily life.


The resources that would have to be destined to education are deviated in the above described way; to this is added one more task to the attributions of the faction of the BACEN: the maintenance of raised unemployment levels. This protects the powerful ones from strikes, lowers wages and extends their profits. The fact of the human being happens to be the greatest victim of all this situation is not even considered owners of the power. To them, the only important thing is profit, that’s all. Here we find new discrepancy between the reality and the speech. It is said that there are less than 15% of unemployeds in the Brazil – wich, by the way, is a lot! All the official speech takes that direction. However, the research where the official speech are based, does not take in account people who have being dismissed for more than 1 month, people who look job for the first time, people who were recently dismissed and some other make up on numbers. On the other hand those researches computes those that manage to survive working in the so call "informal economy", they are good to improve numbers of employment but, as they do not pay taxes they always end being penalizide by the same law who put them in that situation.


Serious research that took such data in consideration would conclude that we have about 30% of unemployment. That is synonymous of desperation. Desperation to those who want a job and happiness to those who profit a lot with the lowsy situation of the poor people…


Boys badly formed - also for alimentary insufficience in the first infancy - without access to the formal education are obvious victims of the disorganized crime wich, seeks to imitate the more serious, greater and really powerfull one, the example comes always from above. 

Today the youthful if don’t even more manifest their revolt politically. On the other hand it has the hypnoticall propaganda who claims that “the workers are in the power"; for another one the Unions had being transformed into small appendixes of the government and are reduced to badly and nastily organize applause parties to the puppet of the bankers in ceremonies full of bought people but empty of content. Of course, all the Unions and same goes to the former left political parties when they claim to be "defenders of the workers" – is that a joke? It would be truth only if the word "workers" meant owners of banks and players of the stock exchange...


Again, to emphasize: to the owners of the power, speeches means nothing, since their profitability is guaranteed.


In this sence, it suits the opposing rule to that subsequent to the mud sea of the first term of Lula da Silva. If at that moment everything of illicit was allowed to make and nothing was allowed to say about it, leading us to the edge of a return of fascist censorship; in the case of the banking control the rule is opposing: anything can be said or writen, since nothing is to be changed in their profitability in practice. Even though authorities, governmental politics, either in the Parliament or exactly inside of the faction of presidential palace can say what ever they want concerning the guiding politics. The definitive prohibition is only one: nothing is to be changed in the economic policy dictated by the organized crime.


6. Criminal factions inverting equations


From the displayed logic, the criminal faction of the BACEN hinders the economic growth it Brazil and extraordinarilly practises an eccentric form of "income redistribution": from the workers, who generate welth to the economy of the Nation to the parasites of bankers and stock holders players.


To the faction of presidential palace, with precious and expensive help of the faction of the National Congress, it is fundamental to say the opposite of the reality - and in such a way, and with as much emphasis and repetition that the smashing majority believes more the propaganda that in the deterioration of their real life.


"We are growing and distributing incomes as nuncaantesnestepaíz". When the puppet of the bankers adresses the auditoriums of workers and unemployeds, he convinces, persuades. Already it does not matter to them to fight anymore: either for honor, dignity, honest work or wage just. It is enough to them to believe that they have "one of them in the power making the best he can". Their counsciousness is limited and does not allow them to realize that this illusion does not match the facts and, since that has the needy alms for the increasing number of desperate unemployeds and, with precious help of the venal intellectuals and economists, everything goes well in the best one of the worlds... Seems like Orwell (1984) in 2007 Brazil…


In synthesis: what the government calls "organized crime", with strident voices hypnotically repeating in sensationalist programs and propaganda refers to mentioned young despaired committing terrible atrocities for measures there following small but dangerous criminals who does not more then try in vain to imitate the great ones...


These poor fellows have all the institucional instances AGAINST them. The true organized crime is congregated in comfortable rooms and decides that limitations they must be imposed and where crimes must be fit. So they are not even close as organized as the real criminals wants us to believe.


The true organized crime brazilian present days is this practised by the Banks and its representatives, in presidential palace, the Congress and the Judiciary “powers”.


As long as the organized crime has the power there will be not hope for us and, worse than that, to the future generations.


Lázaro Curvêlo Chaves – 28/01/2007

Updated 11/01/2015



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