God does everything for the best!

One of the searchers of the truth of ancient times informs us about an exemplary story, so that we know a little more about the greatness of God’s decisions for our short existence in this world and even if we are not aware of that, there is really something good behind all circumstances of our life. For times we suffer pursuits when we defend what is good, just and honored in this arid world. There are only a handful of people who live for the Truth or in its search – usually, most of the people are not even interested in those things – they seek to “earn money” though that, very often, as a Saint and Wise Man was saying to us 2000 years ago, “he looses his own loss soul” by replacing God for Mammon… In the world in which we live it has been almost a rule, not to take care, to pretend, to live in hypocrisy that it is, in his classic definition, “to apply to others some rules themselves do not carry out”.

Finally, God always does everything for the best and we go, adapted, finding, with difficulties, though, our space, our way in this short passage between the dawn and the nightfall of the life. The Story, briefly, is attributed Swami Ramdas and transmitted by oral tradition. Ramdas was one of that "Crazies of God", who cease living with or like ordinary people do, so that they could understand his lives in the plenitude of the search of the Union with the Creator. This, I believe, illustrates well that the Creator “works in mysterious ways”.

To the story, then:

      “A monarch took a celebrated Minister for he was known as an extremely wise man. Many people were coming from far away to consult him about the most varied subjects, receiving always the regular answer that usually brough comfort for their souls the assertion always repeated by the Wise Man: "God does everything for the best". And they went away satisfied and comforted.

One day, the king took him with himself in a large group to hunt in the jungle. Enclosing a beast, the sovereign and the Wise Man were separated from the royal group and they finished by being given up in the middle of the forest.

At midday the heat became unbearable. The king, tired and hungry, dropped disheartened in the shade of a tree:

_ Minister! – the monarch was moaning – I am losing my strenght, feel an unbearable hunger. Go try finding something for me to eat.

The Wise Man gathered fresh fruits and offered them to the king who, in an access of feverish greed, did a brusque movement with the knife and cut off one of his fingers.

_ Oh, Minister, which a pain! Which a pain!

The other one observed very calmly: “God always does everything for the best”.

To these words, the king, exasperated, expels him out of his presence between insults and, next, begins to do a bandaging in his injuries.

Lonely, he receives the unpleasant visit of some bandits that, later, he discovers they are followers of a mighty goddess, devouring of men, Khâli feared by the Hindus. “But I am the king!”, shout in vain the monarch, while the bandits were observing, “better, much better, our goddess never took such a noble dainty as a sacrifice!”

Arriving before the priest who would sacrifice him, he realizes the mutilation in the hand of the king and say: “Take this man away from here! Our goddess must not be insulted receiving a mutilated man as gift!”

The king, relieved, finally understands his wise Minister and goes out looking for him, finally finding him, some hours later, in the shade of a tree in calm and thoughtful position. Ask his forgiveness, tells the story about the bandits and hears from the Minister the following:

_ Sir, I have nothing to forgive you for and you did not offend me at all. On the contrary, I owe you my life! If you had not expelled me from your presence, I would have been captured with you and the priests of Khâli would have me necessarily sacrificed in your place, once my body is intact. So, as you can see, GOD DOES EVERYTHING FOR THE BEST.

Lázaro Curvêlo Chaves – 20 de julho de 1999

Todo o conteúdo desta página pode ser copiado e divulgado para fins não comerciais. É educado sempre citar a fonte…



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